Try the fresh and natural goodness of Petuna Wet Tissues, and uncover a whole new way of staying refreshed. While you’re on the move or caught between a million things to do, these soothing wet wipes will leave you feeling as good as new.
Petuna Wet Tissues are also available in the following variants to suit your need.
Petuna Toning Wipes: Provides toning and conditioning to your skin to give it anti ageing properties. This makes your skin fresh and you look younger.
Petuna Skin Whitening Wipes: This contains a unique formulation of mulberry and hibiscus combination for a deep skin whitening result
Petuna Sunscreen Wipes: This has an amazing blend of grapes, peach and calendula extract to protect you from sun burns.
Petuna Moisturizing Wipes: This has orange enriched with Vitamin C that restores the natural moisture of your skin
Petuna Refreshing Wipes: This has a perfect blend of watermelon and methanol to give you a refreshing experience
Petuna Cleansing Wipes: This has a unique formulation of cucumber, lemon and sandal to reveal clean and healthy looking skin