Tidee wipes are your modern, smart wipes that ensure clean and tidy surroundings be at home or office. They help in cleaning virtually any surface or object (dry or wet) like kitchen slabs, Refrigerator surface, furnitures at home and your valuable office articles like laptops and monitors. For those intricate office and home appliances that need cleaning once too often, Tidee uses high quality micro-fiber to get rid of the tiniest dust particles in a flash. Tidee wipes are reusable.
  • At home, use Tidee wipes to clean the furniture.
  • In your kitchen, use them to clean oil stains, spills of food/milk or any other dirt present on the surface of kitchen slab.
  • Use Tidee wipes to clean your refrigerator and freezer.
  • At office, use Tidee wipes to clean the interiors, furniture or any other appliance.
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