Liora Scented Tissue Treat your skin to a natural formula, keeping it fresh, gentle and soft-all along . Liora Scented Tissues are available in attractive designs and various pleasant fragrances- Lavender, Lime, Rose and Jasmine. Using some of the finest perfumes and natural scents, these tissues will leave you fresh and upbeat all day.

The aromatic fragrance of Lavender relieves and refreshes your skin with its soothing effect.

The refreshing touch of Lime rejuvenates your skin with its cooling effect.

The soothing fragrance of Rose refreshes your skin, leaves behind a calming and soothing effect.

The pleasant fragrance of Jasmine cleanses your skin with its gentle and light touch that keeps your skin silky soft the entire day. Features:
State-of-the art manufacturing, fully automatic, no manual process involved Made in dust free environment, totally hygienic Super soft, soft wood tissue. Available in 100 pulls.